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Saint Louis, MO, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

As a technician you would be responsible for completing the following task;

* Operated and performed maintenance of all assigned tools and lines.

* Selected and implemented appropriate cleaning methods and materials.

* Completing task listed on assigned invoice per job

* Air duct cleaning (vents, main line, furnace) including but not limited to;

1) Vacuumed and cleared out air ventilators and heat airflow vents

2) Performed and coordinated air duct cleaning activities in both commercial and residential structures

3) Cleaned and serviced all air ducts, coils, and other parts of the systems.

* Dryer vent cleaning

* Mold Remediation including but not limited to;

1) Detected and removed microbial growth in air duct systems and disinfected the affected unit

* Sanitation

* Replacing furnace filters

* Replacing vent covers (when necessary)

* Provide friendly and professional customer service

* Politely answer any and all questions the customer may have

* Be respectful of the customers home/business

* Prepared and maintained correct and timely records of all completed work.


As a technician are expected to work independently by completing assigned job tickets at different locations in a residential or commercial setting within the State of Missouri and Illinois. Our technicians are trained to complete difference services that are skills for you to take with you throughout life. The requirements for this position are as follows;

  1. Have a valid driving license with a clean driving record

  2. Pass State and Federal background check

  3. Complete required trainings

  4. Obey all State and Federal Laws

About the Company

Missouri’s Most Trusted Air Duct Cleaning Service and Mold Removal Specialist
We are a cleaning and mold removal experts committed to providing the finest air to breathe circulating throughout your home or office.

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